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How to Do an Easy Smoky Eye

Smoky eyes are a classic makeup look that just about anyone can pull off. You just need the right tools and the right information. Here’s how to do a smoky eye easily for any eye color:

First, figure out what colors look best with your eye color. If you’d like more of a night look, try the metallic version of the colors below.

If you have hazel eyes, try brown and beige eyeshadow with a black eyeliner.

If you have brown eyes, try navy and beige eyeshadow with black or brown eyeliner (depending if you want more of a day or night look).

If you have blue eyes, use a gray and white eyeshadow with navy eyeliner to really highlight those blues.

If you have green eyes, use green and gold eyeshadow with dark brown eyeliner.

Once you’ve selected the perfect shades for your eye color, use an eye primer to ensure your smoky eye stays put. Then apply the darker shade of eyeshadow to your entire eyelid and blend the color up. Then add the lighter shade under the eyebrow until it starts to mix with the darker shade. Blend them together.

Then line your eyes with the eyeliner and smudge slightly. Finish with mascara and curl your lashes for a more dramatic eye look. Use highlighter around your inner eyes and near the end of your eyebrows to enhance your look even further.

Do you ever rock a smoky eye or have you been afraid to try it on your own? What are your favorite colors to use to create a smoky eye? Share with us below!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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