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How to Apply Lipstick Correctly

Lipstick might just be the perfect way to achieve a beautiful look. One cannot go wrong with lipstick, whether it can be used to subtly extenuate the lips and freshen up the face, is artfully applied with lip liner, or used as a bold, focal point. Have you ever wondered about the steps it takes to achieve the perfect lipstick look? Here are some pointers:

Lip balm can be used alone, as a subtle glossy look. It smooths out the appearance of the lips, making it ideal to use prior to applying lipstick. If lip liner is going to be used, it should be directly after the lip balm is applied. The lip liner should match the color of the natural lips. Instead of drawing on the outline of the lips directly, some have been known to draw various subtle dots on the lips. After the dots are drawn, the lip liner is subtly drawn to connect them. This helps keep a uniformed and accurate outline. It can be applied half on the lips and half on the skin around the lips, to achieve a fuller lips look.

Once the lip liner is applied, it is time to add the lipstick or lip stain. Lip stains are most often used to achieve a very natural look and they stay on much longer than most lipsticks unless you go for a long-lasting lipstick brand. Lipstick, on the other hand, is best used for a more dramatic effect.

Once the color is picked out, it is best to start at the center of the lips when applying color, then working the color out to the corners of the lips, and returning to the middle before going to all four corners. Sometimes it is necessary to use Kleenex or some type of cloth to blot the lips. This absorbs any excess color, prevents lipstick from rubbing on the teeth, and it helps the longevity of the color.

What is your favorite color of lipstick? Do you follow these rules to apply lipstick correctly? Let us know!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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