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Benefits of Ice Therapy

Have you ever been prescribed ice therapy for an injury? Cold or ice therapy simply means cooling down your body for a range of benefits for your health and for your skin and muscles.1

Here are some benefits for your health and body:

  1. If you have recently injured yourself with a sprain or a spasm, place an ice pack on that part of your body. It can help reduce inflammation and numb the pain. It can also help to reduce swelling by reducing blood flow to that area.1
  2. If you can’t get a cut or injury to stop bleeding, try applying some ice to that area since cold temperatures can help reduce blood flow.1 Of course, see a medical professional if you have an injury that won’t stop bleeding because you may need professional help.
  3. Help your muscles recover faster after an intense workout and reduce muscle soreness by icing the areas you worked out. You can also achieve similar results by taking a cold shower or even an ice bath after your workout.1
  4. Remember to only ice your skin for about 20 minutes to reduce damage to your nerves or skin. If the area is starting to hurt or becoming red or even pink, take the ice or cold pack off for about an hour before re-applying.1

Here are some benefits of the cold for your skin:

  1. Ice can calm down redness and shrink acne on your skin. It can be especially helpful if you have painful acne because it can numb the spot as it eases the redness and irritation.2
  2. You can also use ice to calm down redness from causes other than acne, such as rosacea or an allergic reaction.2
  3. If you have dull skin, the cold can help boost your circulation and bring some color and brightness back to your skin. Try applying an ice cube all over your face in the morning to wake up and get you and your skin ready for the day.2
  4. If you have a sunburn, you can help soothe it by creating your own ice therapy by making aloe vera ice cubes. Simply put aloe vera gel into an ice cube tray and freeze. Then rub all over your irritated areas.2
  5. If you have puffy or tired eyes, placing a cold spoon or ice cubes over your closed eyelids can help reduce puffiness and wake up your eyes.2
  6. Ice therapy can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles and/or oiliness.2

Have you ever tried ice or cold therapy for an injury or for your skin or health? Let us know what you tried it for and if you’ll try it for anything else from these lists!

1 – From Mobility Guardian

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