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Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Do you have a gift for your sweetie (or friend, child, etc.)? A little celebration in February and a special gift for someone might just be the perfect way to lift their spirits through a cold and dark winter. Here are some gift ideas for the special people in your life this Valentine’s Day:

For your significant other, partner or spouse:

  1. Get nostalgic. Let them know how much you love them by putting together photos and notes in a scrapbook or photo book. There are tons of other personalized gifts you can get. Try searching online and look at customizing mugs, blankets, an ornament for next year and much more.
  2. Go to a concert, sporting event or outing and spend some quality time together. Don’t forget to leave your phones at home to make sure you both stay in the present.
  3. Is there something they want or need but you know they won’t buy for themselves? Surprise them with it!
  4. As a last resort, their favorite perfume or cologne, baked good, flowers or jewelry are always safe bets for gifts.

For your child:

  1. Take your child out on Valentine’s Day for an outing they won’t forget. Is there a place they’ve been dying to go to? Take them there and spend some time together. Don’t forget to put down your phone and really be present.
  2. Not sure where to go? Try the zoo, the park, an indoor play place, the mall or a farm.
  3. Help your child decorate valentines for their class. Give them a special Valentine from you at the end.
  4. Kids go crazy for candy, so make a basket of their favorite heart-shaped treats!
  5. Help them learn and give them something to entertain them by giving your child some of your favorite childhood books.

For your bestie:

  1. Get him or her the book they’ve been eyeing. If they are an avid reader, give them a gift certificate to a bookstore or get them a Kindle.
  2. Are they feeling that winter chill? Put together a warm winter gift basket full of blankets, gloves, hats, candles and warm foods.
  3. Take some time out of your busy schedule to spend some time together. Go out for drinks, get lunch or dinner or go to the movies.
  4. Send them an email, letter or card telling them how much you care and what you really love about them.

Who else do you get Valentine’s Day gifts for? Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day? What is your favorite gift to give or receive? What is on your wish list? Share with us below!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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