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How to Ease Travel Worries

How to Ease Travel Worries

As the holidays come and go, your travel schedule may have expanded. You may also simply be itching to get out of the cold, winter weather and embrace some of the warm weather an island vacation can bring. No matter how exciting your vacation or travel agenda is, worries and anxieties can still strike at any time. Here are some tips to ease your travel worries this year, whether you are traveling for family, business or pleasure:

  1. Make sure to pack healthy snacks such as granola bars, fruit, veggies or protein bars. You probably don’t want to be without any options of buying food when you start feeling hungry or fatigued.
  2. While you’re at it, make sure you stay hydrated as well. If you have to get up early to make a flight or leave for a road trip, you may be tempted to load up on coffee and energy drinks. Don’t forget about water! Staying hydrated will keep your body happy.
  3. Plan, plan, plan. Organize your travel documents and make sure you know where you need to be at what time. This can help ease anxiety about getting places on time and remove the stress of arriving late or doing things last minute.
  4. Pack light. While it may be tempting to bring half of your home with you, packing light can help you feel lighter as well. Bring the necessities and leave everything else at home for quicker and easier traveling.
  5. Bring stress relievers and things to entertain yourself or your family. Try bringing a coloring book and markers to pass time and calm yourself down. Make sure your phone is stocked with movies or shows or download your favorite calming music to listen to. Whatever helps you calm down or entertains you during slow times, bring that with you. Make sure to pack extra stress relievers or activities for your partner or kids as well. You can never be too prepared!
  6. Bring some self-care items. If you really love taking baths at home, why can’t you take one at a hotel? Bring some of your favorite self-care items so you have the comforts of home when you are traveling.
  7. Come prepared for anything. Unfortunately, emergencies happen and people can get sick or hurt on vacation. Make sure to pack your health insurance IDs, common medicines like ibuprofen or antacids and any medications you take on a daily basis.
  8. Accept that travel can be stressful and things may go wrong that are completely out of your control. Unfortunately, this is a part of life and a big part of travel. You can’t plan for everything, so go in with a positive attitude and be willing to go with the flow. A fun travel buddy can help you stay in this mindset, even if everything seems to be going wrong. Have fun with it!

Did you travel this holiday season? Do you plan on traveling on vacation or do you have travel for business or to see family? What often stresses you out the most when traveling? Share with us below!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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