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How to Stay Happy During Winter Months

How to Stay Happy During Winter Months

It is no secret that for those who live in areas where winter drags on, it may be hard to keep a positive attitude as your face becomes frozen the second you step outdoors. The sun isn’t shining as much and the cold weather and snow might force you to stay indoors. So, how do you learn to embrace these frigid winter months and stay happy? Here are some our secrets:

  1. Get as much sunlight as you can. Sunlight contains vitamin D which can help in increasing your energy levels and mood.1 Think about how you feel during a sunny day versus how you feel when the weather is gloomy. Does your mood often change with the weather? If so, try to get some sun every day, even if you have to get up a little earlier to do so. If you can’t get much sunlight, try an indoor light that mimics sunlight. Don’t forget the sunscreen if you head outdoors because you can still get burned or obtain sun damage in winter months!
  2. Keep exercising! Exercise has been known to be a great way to keep you healthy and improve your mood. Try bundling up and going for a walk outdoors daily. If the weather is simply too cold outside, try doing indoor yoga, strength training or simply dancing to your favorite music.
  3. Plan a trip to a warmer climate. Just the excitement of planning a fun trip may boost your mood! It will give you a much-needed break from the snow and cold and can generate some amazing experiences and memories.
  4. If you can’t afford a vacation this winter, plan small rewards for yourself. Plan a weekly manicure or buy yourself a new book and cozy up on the couch reading. These little boosts can help improve your mood quickly.
  5. Embrace holidays and fun winter activities. Ice skating outdoors, building snowmen, going skiing or snowboarding and holidays like Christmas and Hanukah only come around once a year. Learn to get excited about these things again and take the time to be a kid again!
  6. Stay warm! The coldness of winter can make you feel tired because cold demands more of your energy to try to keep your body warm.1 Make sure to bundle up every time you go outside. Don’t forget your hat, gloves, scarf and lots of layers!
  7. Socialize often. It might be easy to stay inside and watch TV every night when the weather is gloomy and cold. But socializing may help with those winter blues. Arrange to meet up with friends or family and plan social gatherings often.
  8. If you find yourself feeling extremely depressed or down during the winter months, you may have season affective disorder (SAD) and need to see a doctor.1

Do you get the winter blues? What do you do to stay happy and positive during the winter months? Do you go on vacation to a warmer place every winter to avoid the cold for a while? Where do you go? Share with us your secrets!

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