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Should You Use a Personal Trainer?

Should You Use a Personal Trainer?

Was your New Year’s Resolution to work out more? For many people, it can be exciting to start working on a new goal, but over time the feeling fades and you might quit. Whether you’re just starting out with an exercise routine or a little more experienced, you might be wondering if you should make the leap and hire a personal trainer. Personal training can be fairly expensive and people question if it is worth the money. They may also be nervous about working with one.

If you answer yes to a few of the following questions, it may be worth it to look into a personal trainer:

  1. Have you been working out for a little while and are not seeing the results you desire?
  2. Are you a newbie to exercising and have no clue what to do at the gym or at home?
  3. Do you need to be challenged or motivated to actually work out?
  4. Are you bored with your current workouts?
  5. Did you have an injury and need to learn how to prevent straining it? Or do you just need to learn how to use the different machines at the gym without injuring yourself?
  6. Are you training for a marathon or another type of exercise event or sporting event?

Benefits of personal trainers:

  • They take a look at your current health status and exercise levels
  • Help find workouts or tweak your workout to ensure you reach your goals
  • Push you harder while holding you accountable for your goals
  • Show you different exercises and ensure you don’t injure yourself by doing things wrong or pushing yourself too hard
  • Help you figure out a workout regime or program for your goals or how to start regaining strength after an injury

If you’re simply bored with your current workout or an experienced exerciser, you may be able to still benefit from a personal trainer. They can help you find new exercises and workouts and give you a challenge.

If you do decide to try working with a personal trainer, be sure to tell them all of your health history, current health conditions, past or present injuries and your goals. They may also have you go through a type of exam where they get your weight, body fat percentage, etc.1

Have you ever hired a personal trainer? Did you love it or hate it? Share your story with us by commenting below!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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