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The Best Multi-Purpose Makeup Items

The Best Multi-Purpose Makeup Items

Is your makeup bag overflowing? Does it take you way too much time to apply your makeup in the morning? Maybe it is time to declutter and start multitasking with your makeup products. Many makeup products can be used for different purposes to save you time and money. This can be especially helpful if you often apply makeup on the go or travel a lot. Here are some of the best multi-purpose makeup items:

  1. Your eyebrow pencil can double as the perfect eyeliner. Brow and eye pencils may look similar, but there are subtle differences. Brow pencils tend to be made of a lower wax. This means it generally has a longer wear, is matte, soft and super blendable.1 Brow pencils can be a perfect daytime eyeliner. The soft and blendable hues will look perfect for work or casual hangouts, especially on fair-haired women.
  2. If you swear by lash serum or primer for long, gorgeous lashes, you can also use it to get better brows too. It can help keep your brow hairs in place and even appear fuller.1
  3. If you have a favorite lipstick, try using it on your cheeks as well. Lipstick works as a great cream blush that often stays put longer than powder blushes.1 Plus, image how put-together you’ll look when your cheeks and lips match perfectly.
  4. In a pinch, you can use translucent face powder in your hair as a dry shampoo. It is designed to clear up excess oil, so it works well in your hair as well as your face.1
  5. Use a powder blush to create an eyeshadow and lip color. If you have an amazing blush color, try adding a little on your eyelids or on your lips for a gorgeous look.1
  6. Lastly, you can use lip gloss as a highlighter or an eye color. If you have an amazing, shimmery gloss, it will look great on your face as a way to catch the light. You can also use it around your eyes and even mix it with eyeshadow for an added allure.1
  7. Ease dry skin and do just about anything with a clear balm or Chapstick. Colored balms or Chapstick can be used as a lip color, blush or eye color. Clear balms can be used on the spot to help any dry or flaking areas of your skin.1

If you are using a lip product on your face or anything near your eyes, make sure to test it before you apply it all to make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions.

Do you ever use multi-tasking makeup products? Did you know some of these tips on this list? Which ones will you try? Share with us!

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