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Best Simple Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Younger

Best Simple Makeup Trick to Make You Look Younger

If you are looking to look younger and doing all the necessary health and skincare anti-aging routines, you might want to look into your beauty routine as well. There are a few tiny, simple makeup tricks that can make you look younger very quickly. Here are some of the best tips:

  1. Brighten the inner corners of your eyes. Most people just focus on dark circles, but you should focus on brightening the inner corners of your eyes as well. It can help make you look more well-rested and brighten your entire face.1 Use a white eyeliner or a highlighter to brighten up the inner corners of your eyes.
  2. Look for sheer coverage. You don’t need so much foundation! If the coverage is too full, it might look too heavy on your skin and settle into your fine lines and wrinkles.1 Look for a sheer foundation, a CC cream or tinted moisturizer to cover up flaws.
  3. Use less powder. Using too much powder can make your skin look dry and can bring more attention to any wrinkles you may have.1 Just use powder where you have some extra oily spots and look for a translucent formula.
  4. Try a peach blush. It can help give you a youthful color and looks great on all skin tones. If you use a blush that is too bright or too dark, it can make you look older or silly.1 Cream blushes are usually the most natural on aging skin and stay on longer.
  5. Use highlighter to strategically to create youthful skin. Cream highlighters tend to look more natural than powder highlighters. Dab it across your cheekbones, down your nose, in the inner corners of eyes and above your lips.1
  6. Make your brows look the best they can be. If your brows are too thin, they can age your face.1 See a beauty professional to help you get the correct shape and fill of your natural brows.
  7. Wow with lashes. Avoid harsh, dark eyeshadow or eyeliners and focus on lengthening mascara. Curl your lashes first and then apply several coats of mascara.1
  8. Make your lips appear plumper and younger. Avoid dark, matte colors because they can thin your lips. Try lighter, soft berry shades, and glossy finishes. If you need more hydration, try a tinted lip balm.1

What are your favorite makeup tricks to appear younger? Which one will you try from this list? Share with us!

1 – Information from Beautyeditor

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