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Best Trends in Spring Fashion 2018

Best Trends In Spring Fashion 2018

When a new season comes around, you might start to change up your wardrobe. In addition to digging out clothing you haven’t been able to wear in the past few months, you might get the itch to shop and get something new. However, you might be lost in the shopping mall and wondering what the latest trends will be this year. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best trends in spring fashion for this year.

What says spring more than polka dots? Polka dot everything is back!1 Invoke your playful side by adding polka dots into your daily look. Whether you choose to go all in with a complete outfit of polka dots or just add an accessory like a purse, you’ll be on trend. The classic black and white polka dots are especially in.

Pastels aren’t just for Easter or little kids. Pastels are a lovely option for spring and totally on trend this year.1 Choose your favorite color and grab a dress, shirt or pants in its pastel version. Lavender is the major color that is on trend this season.2

If you’re really into the light pink color that is also on trend, try pairing it with bright red for a Valentine’s Day year-round vibe that is hot this year.2

If you’re into a bohemian vibe or getting ready for summer festivals, get your fringe on now. Tassels and fringe are so in this season.1 Jackets, bags, and shoes look especially great with this trend.

Clothes with ruching are also in. This is a comfy trend that can work for many different body types.2

Asymmetry is still on trend and will add a sassy edge to any outfit. Try a one-shoulder sweater or shirts with asymmetrical hems.1

Checked patterns are a major trend that would be a great professional look. Try adding a lightly checked skirt or pantsuit to your revolving office wardrobe.1

If you’re feeling bold, the fanny pack is also back! Forget the one you had as a kid and step it up with new, prettier adult versions.2

If you’re looking for another bold trend, transparent is in. You don’t necessarily have to go for see-through pants. Start with a bag or shoes.2

What is your favorite trend from this list that you’re dying to try? Which one would you never try? Share with us by commenting below!

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2 – Information from Elle

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