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Different Types of Waterproof Makeup Products

Different Type of Waterproof Makeup Products

As summer approaches, you might be excited for days spent by the pool, swimming in a lake or ocean or even summer thunderstorms. You might also be getting married to plan to get all teary-eyed at a friend or family member’s wedding this summer. However, all of those things can mess up your perfect makeup, especially if your plans unexpectedly change. Make sure to add some waterproof makeup products to your everyday summer makeup routine just in case you get asked to head to a pool ASAP. Here are some waterproof makeup items to buy now:

First of all, remember to test makeup products before you use them all over to ensure you aren’t allergic to any ingredients. Also, if you buy a product and it doesn’t work for you or the shade isn’t quite right, most stores will let you return or exchange even if you opened and tried it.

Start with the basics: waterproof mascara. If you use regular mascara and go in the water, start crying or get caught in the rain, you are almost guaranteed to have those black streaks going down your face and no one wants that! There are many waterproof mascaras and eyeliners out there, so try a few and pick your favorite. If you don’t want to worry about applying mascara in the summer months, try lash extensions. However, remember that you can’t get them wet for the first few days after you get them applied, so plan accordingly.

Look for waterproof foundation and concealer to keep your look fresh all day, especially if you might sweat as well. Tinted moisturizer is a great way to cover up imperfections but still look natural in the summer.

If you want a little extra glow, try a cream blush or bronzer. Cream products often stay put better than powder, especially if they get wet. Use a face or eyelid primer to have your products stay put longer as well.

If you don’t want your lipstick to budge, try a lip stain. The color generally stays even when wet. Use a color that looks fairly natural to your lip color and skin tone for even longer staying power.

Bring an emergency kit with you to fix any makeup mistakes that happen daily. Include Q-tips to easily fix makeup smudges, makeup products to reapply and tissues to blot any oil or sweat.

Do you use any waterproof makeup products? Did you know there were so many products besides waterproof mascara? Share your favorites with us!

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