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How to Adjust to It Being Darker Earlier

How to Adjust to it Being Darker Earlier

It can be so depressing when Daylight Savings Time means that it gets dark around 5 pm. If you work indoors, you might never be able to be outside when it is light out. That can be rough. So, how do you adjust to it being dark earlier and how do you stay productive? It can be so easy to slip into a pattern of coming home, watching television and going to bed early every night. Don’t slip into that pattern!

Here are some ways to adjust and stay productive even when it gets dark so early:

  1. Stick to the same routine that you had when it wasn’t dark so early. Try to keep eating your meals at the same times, doing the same things, going to bed and waking up at the same times. This can help you adjust more quickly.
  2. Find a new hobby. If you find yourself feeling depressed when you get off work and have to go home in the dark, find something to look forward to that isn’t watching television on the couch. Start a new exercise routine, find a creative hobby, or just find some friends to hang out with.
  3. If you find yourself going to bed earlier and want to wake up with the sun, make the most of your mornings. Get your workout done in the morning, clean up your home, or get some things done that you normally do in the evening. This can help you stay productive even if you don’t want to do anything at night.
  4. Change up your lighting. You might want to invest in a light that mimics natural sunlight to help you feel better when it is so dark all the time. You may also want to add more lights to your home or fix some that have gone out.
  5. Eat better. Not only will it help you to avoid that common cold and flu that can happen in the winter, but it can also just make you feel happier. Eat seasonally and pick fresh fruits and vegetables that are ripe in winter.

How do you adjust to it being dark earlier during the winter months? It can be so hard!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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