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New Year’s Resolutions to Stop Making

New Years Resolutions to Stop Making

If you make New Year’s resolutions each year, do you generally follow through with them? While many people decide on things they want to change, a lot of us don’t always stick with them, ditching them as early as January. Change is hard and we are only human after all.

If you do decide to make New Year’s resolutions for the new year, here are some resolutions you just shouldn’t add to your list this year and why:

Be More Positive

While this is a great idea, it is just way too vague to follow through with. Life changes happen and you can’t always be happy or remain positive every second of the day. You can, however, stick with certain things that help you become positive. Instead, aim to write in a gratitude journal every evening or wear a bracelet that you will lightly snap whenever a negative thought comes to your head.

Improve relationships

Again, this is very vague and actually puts part of your goal into the hands of others. One thing you can control and work on in the New Year is forgiveness. Aim to forgive those who have wronged you. It will not only help your relationships with others but make you feel better in the process. Make a list of the people you feel you need to forgive and why.

Fall in love

This is kind of a wish and not really something you can go out and do. You can’t control your fate, but you can put your hopes out in the world to hopefully attract a mate much faster. Instead, make it a goal to sign up for an online dating site or ask a friend to set you up with someone.

Travel more

Instead, make concrete plans or goals. Aim to save a certain amount of money by a certain date. Start planning your dream vacation and take tiny steps to get there. If you simply have the goal to travel more without any ideas or goals, you will only likely come up with excuses why you can’t go.

Have a baby

Just like falling in love, when you conceive isn’t always up to you. This isn’t the thing to make your New Year’s resolution.

Lose Weight

This is probably the most popular New Year’s resolution, but it also could be the worst and the one most likely to make you feel depressed. There are so many factors to your weight. Instead, aim to eat one more vegetable per day or exercise three times per week. Make healthy goals that can ultimately lead to weight loss, but will keep the number on your scale farther away from your mind.

Be More Outgoing

Many shy people would love to be the life of the party but have a hard time with social outings. Don’t resolve to change your personality, aim to be more forgiving of yourself and find your unique strengths. Look for new activities that you will love and will let your introverted personality shine.

What New Year’s resolutions do you normally make? Did you realize some of these resolutions are not that great?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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