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New Years Resolutions to Stop Making

New Year’s Resolutions to Stop Making

If you make New Year’s resolutions each year, do you generally follow through with them? While many people decide on things they want to change, a lot of us don’t always stick with them, ditching them as early as January. Change is hard and we are only human after all.

How to Keep Your Memory Sharp

How to Keep Your Memory Sharp

As you age, inevitably your memory may start to decline. It is normal, but you don’t have to accept it. There are a few ways you can keep your memory sharp and your brain young. Here are some things you can do to stay on your A-game: Never stop learning.

Best Fall Foods for Your Body

Best Fall Foods For Your Body

The summer is full of fresh produce, especially delicious and hydrating fruits, but the season of fall is full of great choices as well. There are lots of healthy and tasty foods that peak in the fall. Check out your local farmers market for the best options or visit your

Fall Workout Ideas

Fall Workout Ideas

Autumn is a great season to start working out in or a time to change up your workout routine. With the weather cooling down and the scenery at its peak of beauty, heading outside is a great way to de-stress. Take advantage of this gorgeous weather by taking your workouts

Best Outdoor Summer Workouts

Best Outdoor Summer Workouts

Summer is here! Now is the time to take a break from the gym, indoor workout classes and working out in front of the TV. Embrace the outdoors, the warmer weather and use mother nature as an inspiration to work out and do better for yourself. Here are some exercises

How to start a gym workout routine

How to Start a Gym Workout Routine

Was your New Year’s Resolution to join a gym and start exercising more frequently? This is something on most people’s minds as a New Year begins. We all want to be healthier as each year passes and joining a gym is a great way to do that. With the financial

How to Clean Up Your Diet After the Holidays

Ah, the holidays. With so many family gatherings, holiday parties and outings with friends, your meals and snacks may have been filled with delicious, yet unhealthy treats and drinks. After the new year, you might be feeling a little heavier or even sluggish and unfocused. Here are some tips to

How to Stay Happy During Winter Months

How to Stay Happy During Winter Months

It is no secret that for those who live in areas where winter drags on, it may be hard to keep a positive attitude as your face becomes frozen the second you step outdoors. The sun isn’t shining as much and the cold weather and snow might force you to

How to Love Your Body as It Is Now

Do you truly love yourself? Do you truly love your body? Or are you constantly wishing you were thinner or x, y, and z were different on your body? So many of us diet and spend all this time and money trying to perfect our bodies to an impossible standard.