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What Happens When You Overeat?

What Happens When You Overeat?

We’ve talked about how to stop overeating, but we haven’t talked about what happens in your body when you do. Chances are you over-ate at least once during the holiday season and paid the price. Here’s what actually happens when you feel a little too full after eating a big

Ways to Get Perfect Skin

Ways to Get Perfect Skin

Perfect skin can be caused by genetics, but it also needs a little TLC. If you’ve been suffering from skin woes and are jealous of your smoothly skinned friends, here are some easy and inexpensive habits to adopt. Give yourself a massage or get a facial weekly. Massage is great

9 Tips To Avoid Bloating

Bloating can be an unpleasant experience that happens to anyone at any time for many different reasons. You could be bloated and gassy from eating certain foods you don’t digest well, swallowing too much air, being too stressed or anxious or are bloated from overeating or drinking too much. You

How to Run Faster

Whether you’re a new runner or run many miles a day, you might be wondering how to increase your speed. Here are some rules to help all kinds of runners learn to run faster and beat their personal goals: Get a body composition test. Learn what percentage of body fat

Tips Before You Get a Bikini Wax

Spring and summer are right around the corner (finally!) and that means getting out your short shorts and bikinis. It also might mean you’re looking into getting a bikini wax. Here are some tips to remember before you head to the salon: Always request a new pot of wax each

Create a Workout Schedule That Works for You

Putting aside time for a daily workout can be tough. Between appointments, work, social events, kid’s schedules and everything else on your plate, fitting in time for lunch can be hard, let alone spending a few minutes to work out. Yet, working out will keep you energized, healthy and fit

Creative Tips to Stay Hydrated

It can be hard to stay properly hydrated. Most of us don’t chug water all day long and often find ourselves thirsty (which means you’re already dehydrated). Here are some ways to stay hydrated that don’t involve drinking tons of plain water. Eat more raw fruits and veggies, especially those


Smoother Shaving Advice

Shaving is that annoying thing that most women do daily. Here are some tips to make hair removal better, faster, easier and have those smooth limbs for longer. Exfoliate before you shave. If exfoliate before you shave, you get rid of dead skin cells that can hinder a really close


7 Methods for Getting Rid of Embarrassing Facial Hair

Although “No-Shave November” has come and gone, a quick glance at my Instagram feed leads me to believe that “beard season” is definitely still in effect. As a woman who loves a guy with nicely groomed facial hair, I’m not complaining. The same can’t be said when my casual scrolling