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Mom with baby crawling on laptop

Letting yourself go

I was recently chatting with some people at various stages in their personal lives. One is engaged, another recently married, a third with two kids – and then me, with one active toddler. We were chatting about “getting too comfortable” in our relationships and the one with two kids said,

Sara Jacobson Before & After pregnancy and weight loss

A picture’s worth

Here we go, the dreaded “body image” post. Anyone who knows me is aware that I hate having my picture taken. Scroll through photos I upload on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll notice there are very little of yours truly that aren’t candid or professionally taken – and even those are scarce.

Young Girl Running Bases in Softball

It’s OK to be feminine and athletic

I was talking with a pregnant friend recently who just found out she’s having a girl. We were discussing differences between boys and girls and she said, “I just hope she doesn’t have an interest in sports because I don’t know anything about sports and it’ll be hard for us to be

Women on TV allowed to gain weight!

The new fall TV-season is well underway.  Have you picked your new favorite  show yet? Honestly, I haven’t enjoyed many of the new shows. I had high hopes for Mindy Kaling’s new show, The Mindy Project, but have felt a bit underwhelmed by it.  I’m still watching though. Anyway, the

Woman wearing jeans and measuring herself around the waist

Your clothing size doesn’t matter

I was in the mall last week and saw a ton of sale signs proclaiming it was back to school season.  I laughed at myself remembering how excited I would get for this time of year as a teen.  My mom and I would make a day out of back

Are plus-sized gyms a bad thing?

A Vancouver-area gym, BodyExchange, has adopted a controversial woman’s only plus-sized membership policy.  From their website, “Our Mission is to remove limited thinking and living due to weight by using fitness and adventure as the vehicle to better living. We are a new approach to health and wellness one that


A few months ago, I wrote about Tumblr banning thinspiration sites from their service in order to prevent users who use images of extremely thin women to encourage each other to lose weight. Now sites like Tumblr and Pinterest are looking into whether or not Fitspiration should be banned as

The easiest way to get six-pack abs

Is by eating cleanly and exercising efficiently. I’m sure that is not what you wanted to hear. But I got your attention there, huh? We all want sexy six-pack abs — but many of us don’t want to do the required work to actually get them. And companies like Bliss

Breaking up with the scale

I remember the first day I started caring about my weight. I was a junior in high school and track season was about to start. My friend, Nicole, and I went to to the nurse’s office together to hand in our completed sports physical forms. I placed my form down