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How to Quit Anything

Have you ever wanted to quit something and found it almost impossible to do so? Everyone has vices and things they’d rather not do, but find themselves addicted to. For some of us, unfortunately, we are more prone to addictive behaviors. If you find yourself with a dangerous and deep

How to Love Your Body as It Is Now

Do you truly love yourself? Do you truly love your body? Or are you constantly wishing you were thinner or x, y, and z were different on your body? So many of us diet and spend all this time and money trying to perfect our bodies to an impossible standard.

How to Drink Mindfully

Have you ever questioned your relationship with alcohol? If so, mindfulness is a great way to examine your relationship to drinking and make any changes if you want to. Mindfulness helps you to become more aware of the present moment and increase self-awareness. This can help you avoid self-destructive behaviors

Fall 2017 Makeup Trends

Fall is the perfect time to switch up your makeup routine and try some fun and daring new trends. Whether you want to look fresh for a new school year, job or just feel like trying something new, here is a list of the best fall 2017 makeup trends: Floating

Common Beliefs That Hold You Back

Do you believe that we attract what we focus on? That we bring into fruition what we think about? Most of us have common beliefs that follow us from childhood into adulthood. Some of these beliefs can actually hold us back from living a life we dream about or being

How to Stress Less This Fall

As you grow up, as September rolls around you start school and it feels like a new beginning. Even after we are done with school, there is something about Fall that feels like a fresh start. How do you start over this year and learn to stress less? Here are

How to Work Out with Your Cycle

Are you an avid exerciser? Do you avoid exercising when you are on your period? We all have different ways of exercising and taking care of ourselves on our periods, but did you know that you can actually change up your workouts depending on your time of the month? You

Pre-Makeup Skin Care Routine

Are you properly taking care of your skin before you put on makeup in the morning? Well you might be missing a step or two! When your face is cleansed and moisturized properly, your makeup will last much longer and look that much more glowing. Here is the best skin

How to Get Rid of Dull Hair

Is your hair perfectly smooth and shiny or dull and damaged? Everyone suffers from dull hair from time to time. It could be caused by using too many hot styling tools, damaged from coloring or simply a change in weather or stress. So how do you get rid of it