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Spring clean your beauty routine

This winter has been rough and I bet you’re ready for sunshine and warmth. As March and spring approach, now is the time to take a look at your skin care and beauty routine and do some much needed spring cleaning. Get ready to clean out your products, switch up

Don’t let winter hair static ruin your life

There are plenty of things to hate about winter – here in New York, we’ve already had so much snow that shoveling has pretty much become my daily workout ,but for me, static-y hair definitely tops the list. With the cold, dry air leaving our locks brittle and dry, we

There’s a right way to wash your face

Washing your face is easy right? Once in the morning and once at night with a little soap? You might throw on some moisturizer afterwards. But are you really washing your face correctly? Yes, there are correct and incorrect ways to wash your face, especially depending on your skin type.

The dos and don’ts of Chinese food

Whether it is a rainy Sunday night or a busy school/work night, Chinese food is a popular comfort meal to order in.  Many people consider Chinese food to be unhealthy, salty and a “cheat meal.” While this may be the case depending for some Chinese food dishes, there are ways

Lipsticks with great staying power

Have you ever purchased a lipstick because it boasted about its “stayability”, only to be disappointed shortly after you applied it? We’ve all been there.  If you haven’t, just nod along anyway.  Many cosmetic advertisements, lipsticks included, are simply misleading. Lucky for you, my job is to cut through the

Hair Color Too Dark? Here are your options!

Coloring hair too dark is a common problem. Unfortunately there is no easy solution. Bookmark this page now, so you can keep this handy guide at your fingertips just in case this ever happens to you. Option #1 Suds Up with a Clarifying Shampoo Before you try anything else, shampoo

Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Like everyone else this winter, I’ve had my fair share of sore throats.  I usually freak out because whenever I get a sore throat, I’m struck with the flu a few days later.  Allergies, dry air, changes in weather and pollutants can also cause them, but it never fails that

Say goodbye to gross winter feet

Now that the, admittedly mild, winter is coming to an official close and we are being bombarded with visions of gorgeous Spring nail polishes, it’s time to bid adieu to worn, winter dry feet. Whether you religiously maintain your pedicure all winter or you have a foot free-for-all during the