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Full Workout at the Park

Remember the days of playing at the park as a kid? You can still have those fun memories and get a great workout! Head to the park or a playground and use monkey bars, swings and a park bench for an amazing total body workout. This is great if you

Natural Hypothyroidism Treatments

Do you have thyroid issues? Chances are, you might. It has been estimated that 27 million Americans suffer from thyroid disease and 13 million are likely undiagnosed. Your risk of thyroid disease increases as you age and if you are a woman. The thyroid is a small gland in your

How to Start a Jogging Routine

Have you ever wanted to try jogging but were nervous to start? Didn’t think you had enough stamina or it just simply seemed too hard or time consuming? Jogging is a great cardio workout and many say it is a great moving meditation! It can help you stay healthy and

Do You Have Adrenal Fatigue? Symptoms & Remedies

Are you constantly tired? Have trouble concentrating? Always achy? Deal with bad PMS and other hormonal issues? Suffer from anxiety? Crave sweet and salty foods constantly? You might be dealing with adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is often called the 21st Century Stress Syndrome because so many people are affected by

Why You Should Start Using Epsom Salts

Have you ever heard of Epsom salts? Epsom salts are not even actually salt. They are a naturally occurring pure mineral compound made up of magnesium and sulfate. They have many uses and benefits. Magnesium and sulfate are both easily absorbed through the skin, which explains why Epsom salt baths

How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person

Have you ever been told you’re “too sensitive”? Do you cry often and easily? Does the world seem too overwhelming for you? If you said yes to all of these, you might be a highly sensitive person, a term coined by Elaine Aron, PhD. If you’re highly sensitive, the world

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Choosing Healthy Habits During the Holidays

The holidays can be a rough time if you are trying to eat healthier. Trays of cookies, heavy meals and alcohol will be flowing at nearly every party or get together you attend. It can lead to over-eating, weight gain, or decreased health because you’re eating things your body might