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Articles posted under the category "Diet"

The hidden reason you’re gaining weight

Are you noticing that the number on the scale is steadily climbing? Are your favorite pair of pants feeling a little tight? A little up-and-down fluctuation in your weight is normal, but if you feel like the changes are mostly up and very little down, there may be a hidden reason you’re packing on the pounds.

Does organic really mean healthier?

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time asking yourself questions at the grocery store. There are lots of questions, and the one we’re thinking about today is a big one: Should you buy organic?

Keeping a post-holiday waistline at bay

The holidays have come and gone and graced more than a few of us with an extra pound or two hidden somewhere on our bodies. Should we be surprised? If you’re trying to shed some weight after living it up these past few months, there are a few easy tricks to keep in mind.