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How to Work Out with Your Cycle

Are you an avid exerciser? Do you avoid exercising when you are on your period? We all have different ways of exercising and taking care of ourselves on our periods, but did you know that you can actually change up your workouts depending on your time of the month? You

Try Qigong to Release Stress Fast

Have you ever heard of qigong? It is the new trend that has actually been around for ages in China. Qigong (pronounced CHEE-kung) translates to “life energy”. It is similar to yoga and taught at many yoga studios. The focus is that you sync your movements with your breath to

Swimming Workout that Burns Calories Fast

Swimming is a great summer workout that can help keep you cool on hot days, tone every part of your body and burn calories quickly. You also use your brain to coordinate the movements of your arms and legs and have to remember to breathe. This makes swimming one of

The Best Summer Yoga Poses

If you’re a yogi, you might be fantasizing about doing yoga on the beach or outdoors. Here are some of the best yoga poses you should practice in the summer, whether you practice outdoors or indoors at a studio. The summer might bring more late nights, booze and parties. Twists

Easy Summer Workout You Can Do in Your Backyard

Now that summer is here and the weather is getting warmer, you might be getting the itch to exercise outdoors instead of indoors. Try a workout that you can easily do in your backyard or in the park. This is great because you can exercise while you watch your kids

Full Workout at the Park

Remember the days of playing at the park as a kid? You can still have those fun memories and get a great workout! Head to the park or a playground and use monkey bars, swings and a park bench for an amazing total body workout. This is great if you

How to Start a Jogging Routine

Have you ever wanted to try jogging but were nervous to start? Didn’t think you had enough stamina or it just simply seemed too hard or time consuming? Jogging is a great cardio workout and many say it is a great moving meditation! It can help you stay healthy and