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Are there really benefits to going vegetarian?

Veggies can be absolutely delish, but is it wise to put the kibosh on being a carnivore for good? Ask anyone who has nixed meat from their diet and they’ll probably tell you they feel healthier and more energetic than when they were chomping down on bacon and burgers.

Gaining weight? Blame your plate

You know that gross, full, I’ll-never-be-hungry-again feeling you get when you’ve eaten way too much food? We’ve all been there. But are you eating too much because the food’s delicious, or because your brain is playing tricks on you?

Let’s talk about shoes!

If you want to get into the habit of working out more often, you’ve got to start with the basics – comfortable shoes that won’t have your feet aching before you even start pounding the pavement.

The hidden reason you’re gaining weight

Are you noticing that the number on the scale is steadily climbing? Are your favorite pair of pants feeling a little tight? A little up-and-down fluctuation in your weight is normal, but if you feel like the changes are mostly up and very little down, there may be a hidden reason you’re packing on the pounds.

Does organic really mean healthier?

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time asking yourself questions at the grocery store. There are lots of questions, and the one we’re thinking about today is a big one: Should you buy organic?

Skip the jog and hit the mat

If going to the gym and throwing on sneakers every day is getting old, try incorporating yoga into your exercise routine. Yoga offers a lot more than just a good stretch (which you probably need too!). Practicing yoga can bring new physical, emotional and mental benefits to your daily life.

Tread safely: Avoiding injury on the treadmill

Working out on a treadmill offers some really great benefits. You’ll burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health and stay fit. However, as much as a long run can feel fantastic, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t cause you harm. Prevent an injury by implementing these common safety tips.