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Fix Your Gut for Better Brain Health

You’ve probably read by now that the bacteria in your gut can affect your body in a lot of ways, including how well your brain functions. If you’re looking for a way to prevent diseases and keep your body and mind extremely healthy, start in your gut and nurture your


Why Women Need Iron and Folic Acid

We’ve probably all heard that iron and folic acid are great for women in particular, but why? Iron is a mineral that helps us form red blood cells and helps those red blood cells transport oxygen throughout our bodies. The daily value required is 18 mg. You can get iron


Lazy Ways To Feel Better Now!

If you consistently complain of bad sleeping habits, digestive problems, sluggishness and other ailments, chances are you need to change up your diet. Here are some easy ways to boost your health with just a few additions to your diet or amp up your intake of these types of foods.

Incorporate these supplements for a healthier you

Most of us try to eat healthy. But sometimes we fall a little short. We want to get the nutrients that keep us healthy and vibrant. That’s where vitamins and minerals come in. If you take supplements each day, it can help fill in the nutritional gaps and keep you

The Lowdown on Omega-3s

When my mom first told me she was taking fish oil supplements a few years ago, I thought she fell for some new dieting gimmick. Swallowing capsules that smelled (and tasted!) like fish seemed like the furthest thing from a healthy habit. It turns out, though, that this wasn’t a