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Add Baking Soda to Your Beauty Routine

You probably keep baking soda on hand for, well, baking. You might also have one in your refrigerator to keep nasty odors away or use it to clean your house (baking soda and vinegar is amazing at getting rid of stains on appliances!). But have you ever added baking soda

How to Reduce Back Pain

Back pain plagues most of us at one time or another. Whether you have experienced a back injury or chronic back pain, here are some tips on preventing back pain: Keep a healthy weight. Extra weight and/or never exercising can contribute to back problems. Avoid processed foods and aim for

Try Qigong to Release Stress Fast

Have you ever heard of qigong? It is the new trend that has actually been around for ages in China. Qigong (pronounced CHEE-kung) translates to “life energy”. It is similar to yoga and taught at many yoga studios. The focus is that you sync your movements with your breath to

The Best Apps for Self-Care Practices

Have you heard of self-care? It is a phrase sweeping the nation and reminding us to take care of ourselves. While self-care can be all about manicures and pedicures and baths, it is also so much more. It means really putting yourself first and taking care of your needs to

Essential Oils You Need This Summer

Essential oils have a range of physical and emotional benefits. You can use essential oils in many different ways for many different issues. Diffusing or inhaling essential oils is an easy and effective way to get benefits, but you can also apply some topically or even ingest some oils if

How to Ground Yourself When You Feel Anxious

Do you experience anxiety? Whether you have an anxiety disorder or just experience anxiety from time to time during stressful periods, you probably want some easy ways to ease the anxiety. Grounding is a way to bring yourself back down to earth when anxiety sends you into a flurry of

Symptoms You Should Never Ignore – See a Doctor ASAP

Sometimes it is obvious you need medical help. For example, when you experience an injury, chest pains, intense bleeding or fainting. But there are other subtle symptoms you shouldn’t ignore. Here are the top symptoms you shouldn’t ignore and should seek medical help to find out the cause: You suddenly