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Best Essential Oils for Your Immune System

Best Essential Oils for Your Immune System

Have you ever used essential oils? Essential oils are pure oils derived from different plants. They are used for many different conditions and you can smell them, diffuse them in the air and some of them you can use topically on your skin or even ingest.1 If you plan to

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

These days, most of us have probably experienced some type of anxiety from time to time.1 If you are interested in a more natural remedy to ease your anxious feelings, essential oils may be helpful. Essential oils are extracted from plants and have not been diluted with chemicals or other

Should you try CBD oil?

Should You Try CBD Oil?

You might notice that cannabidiol or CBD oil is popping up everywhere. So, what is CBD oil exactly? It is, in fact, a compound that comes from cannabis plants, but CBD oil does not contain THC and it will not get you high in any way.1 Think of it as

Yoga Routine to Ease Seasonal Depression

Yoga Routine to Ease Seasonal Depression

Winter is in full effect and the early evenings of darkness can make anyone feel down. For a lot of us, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is known to be a real condition. SAD is a type of clinical depression that happens during the fall and winter months, when cold temperatures

Best Yoga Poses for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can strike at any time. It seems more prevalent in the busy world of always being “on”. Luckily, yoga can be an excellent exercise that can keep you healthy and improve your mood and relieve stress fast. If you have severe anxiety or depression that is interfering

Things to Do This Winter Instead of Watching TV

When the snow starts to fall or the weather simply cools down, you might be tempted to binge watch Netflix every night. However, too much sitting or screen time may be considered bad for you. You might also simply be bored of sitting around watching TV every night but aren’t

Yoga Routine for a Better Immune System

As cold and flu season hits, you probably want to be prepared. You want your immune system to stay strong so you can fight off any infections that spread around. Exercise, in general, may be a great way to improve your immune system but specifically, yoga is a great exercise

How to Set Up a Perfect Meditation Session

Do you meditate? If you’ve never meditated, it might seem overwhelming and you aren’t sure where to start. How about setting up the perfect meditation session before you even begin? Then you can have a place to go where you will be excited about quieting your mind and gaining all

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity

As fall and winter begin, your chances of getting sick greatly increase as you spend more time indoors and everyone starts getting sick. As illnesses spread, you might be wondering, what is the best way to keep yourself healthy and boost your immune system naturally? Doctors recommend getting a flu

Post Workout Recovery Tips

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, avid runner, yogi or somewhere in between, you should know some post-workout recovery tips. These tips may help you in recovering faster between workouts and avoiding fatigue and injury. Here are some of our favorite tips to use after your workouts, no matter what