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Healthy ways to spice up your sex life

Are you looking for a healthy way to spice things up in the bedroom? Well, you’re in luck because there are some new superfoods on the healthy food scene and they’re making quite the name for themselves.  Healthy foodies everywhere are stocking their shelves and loading up their smoothies with

How to choose the best sunscreen

I spent every summer day of my childhood splashing in the ocean. As a result, I also spent many evenings in pain. Bad, blistered sunburns were just as much a part of my summers as boogie boards and salt water taffy. Then I became a teenager. I didn’t consider a

Planning to be healthy

We do it all the time. We make a plan for the project at work which is supposed to be completed by next week. We sit down and figure out the perfect route for the cross state trip next weekend. We determine how much paint we’ll need to paint our

Foods for a healthy smile

Chances are, there’s a whitening toothpaste in your bathroom. And perhaps you stop and check your teeth in a mirror after meals to make sure no food was unintentionally left behind. We women want our smiles to look good, after all. Brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist regularly can help

Online dating sites are concerned for your safety

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a HUGE fan of online dating.  I’ve met three of my last boyfriends online.  Yes, three!  Let’s not get into my problem with commitment in this post mmmkay?  Until recently, I was never concerned for my safety when it came to online dating. 

Fit-a-licious Launch Giveaway Winner

Hi beauties! As you might know, we are right in the middle of our two-months of beauty giveaways to announce the launch of Your Beauty Advisor (yba). Yba consists of four websites: Skin We’re In Color Me Rouge (enter their makeup launch giveaway today!) Get Tressed Fit-a-licious The first of

Blogging won’t make you lose weight

It seems blogging through a healthiness journey has become the newest trend. I even did it, on my journey to lose 100 lbs. Many blogs out there start out with their first post saying: “…I’m serious this time. I’m going to blog my journey as I lose weight and write

Women fight for their rights while men are offered pizza

The cost of birth control and women’s health has become a huge issue this election season.  Surprisingly (or not?), a lot of people don’t think women deserve any help financing the costs of family planning. Meanwhile, men are being encouraged to exercise their right to birth control with things like

Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Like everyone else this winter, I’ve had my fair share of sore throats.  I usually freak out because whenever I get a sore throat, I’m struck with the flu a few days later.  Allergies, dry air, changes in weather and pollutants can also cause them, but it never fails that

Starting your healthiness journey

Calories in vs. calories out Watch your fat intake Get your fiber Don’t eat too many carbs Do cardio Get your calcium Weight training is essential Sugar is bad for you So is aspartame Blood type diet/Paleo diet/Eat clean diet. Buy hormone free milk and meat Go gluten free Seriously?