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How to Make Wet Hair Dry Faster

If the thought of washing your hair sends you into a panic because you know how long it takes to dry and style, read on. Drying your hair can be a real pain, but use some of this advice to make your hair dry faster and get out the door

Solutions to Common Hair Problems

Over the course of my life, I’ve had more than my fair share of bad hair days. For me, that usually means flat, limp locks with zero volume, which leaves me stuck with a boring ponytail for the day. Now, your bad hair days may be a little different, depending

How to Straighten Thick Hair Properly

Thick hair can be hard to deal with, especially if your hair is wavy and curly and you desire a straight ‘do. It can require some serious time and patience and since your hair tends to be heavy when it is thick, it can weigh down your style. Even if

8 Remedies for Split Ends

Hair breakage is caused when your hair breaks or has split ends. It can plague almost anyone at any stage of life. Here are some easy and effective home remedies to help reverse the damage of hair breakage. Olive oil. Hair often breaks because it is dry and brittle. When

5 Myths About Your Hair Debunked

You’ve probably been told many things about your hair over the years. It could be advice from your mom, your best friend or even your hair stylist. So what is a myth and what is a fact? Here are some common myths about your hair debunked: You’ve probably been told

How to Make Your Hair Less Greasy

Some people are just born with hair that is oily and tends to get greasier easily. If you’re one of these people, here are some tips on keeping greasy hair at bay: Wash your hair less. This seems silly when you feel like you need to wash your hair daily

Strange Hair Tips for Gorgeous DIY Locks

There are lots of hair tips and tricks out there that you can do yourself to change your hair’s color, style or texture. Here are some of the best ones: If you’re interested in subtle highlights but don’t want to shell out the cash at a salon, try using lemon

How to Tease Your Hair

If your hair is routinely flat, you might be interested in teasing it for a new look. Yet, if you tease it the wrong way or tease it too much, you can look like a fashion victim from the 80s. But, if you tease it like a professional, you can

Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Most women would love to have long hair, but hair doesn’t always grow as fast as you’d like it to. The average person grows hair half an inch per month if your hair is healthy. There are a few things you can do to keep your hair healthy and help


Hair Styles for Fine, Thin Hair

I inherited a lot of pretty great qualities from my father, like his blue eyes, sharp sense of humor, and habit of being ten minutes early everywhere I go. But I also got some bum DNA from dear old dad – that gene for baby fine, super limp hair. Now,