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Dealing with dandruff

Picture this:  It’s Friday night.  It’s almost time to hit the town and let loose. You’re  dancing in front of your full length mirror to Beyonce’s Freak ‘Em Dress while rocking your  brand new LBD and a mean pair of stilettos.  * SCREECH * What is that white powder on

Damage control: Why you should give your hair a break

Constant styling can fry any woman's locks crispier than bacon. Of course, every woman knows how unfortunate unhealthy hair can be – it breaks, lacks a shiny glow and creates havoc and pain when trying to style. Hair damage is typically caused by harsh chemicals such as bleach, perms and

Thin Is In: Yes, Even For Your Hair

There’s nothing fun about battling your locks. Women with straight hair want curly locks and those with curly hair want it straight. Without a head transplant it isn't going to happen. So, finding a hairstyle that accentuates and makes the most of what nature has given you is the next plan of attack, right?