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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

It can be painful to wait for your hair to grow. You might lust after a long hair style and find extensions too expensive or damaging for your hair type. So how do you make your hair grow faster? There are a few tips that can help your hair grow

8 Ways You Ruin Your Hair

We all have different hair types and different hair care routines. Yet, there are ways we all damage our hair without even thinking twice about it. Are you aware of the ways you might be ruining your hair and damaging it for good? Here are a few examples and what

How to Determine Your Hair Type

If you determine your hair type, you will be able to understand your hair better and figure out what products to use to give yourself the best hairstyle possible. Here are some tips and tricks to figure out your hair type: Find the diameter of your hair. The diameter of


What to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

When summer comes around, it becomes increasingly more important to think about removing unwanted hair. This quest might lead you to consider laser hair removal so you can be done with shaving, waxing and other annoying ways to remove hair. It is a great option for permanent hair removal, but


Warm Weather Hair Care Tips

After what felt like the snowiest winter ever here on the East Coast, I’ve really been looking forward to warmer weather. Not having to throw on at least three layers every time I leave the house is a treat for sure, but what I really appreciate is the fact that


Home Remedies for Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is a common problem for anyone with hair. In addition to getting regular trims, staying away from using too many heat products, not brushing your hair when wet and taking good care of your hair in general, there are some natural home remedies to keep your hair smooth


Know This Before Bleaching Your Hair…

No matter what color hair you were born with – and how much you might love that shade – I’m willing to bet that most of us have thought about going blonde at some point or another. Golden, ash, platinum – whichever shade is your favorite, you’ve probably imagined yourself


Stop These Things if You Have Dry and Damaged Hair

Everyone probably has certain times when their hair doesn’t cooperate and is dry and damaged. If your hair is often damaged, you might need to switch up your hair care routine and listen to this advice: Stop heat styling every day. When you set your heating tools on high and