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Hot Hair Colors for Winter

Are you ready to switch up your hair color for the winter? Want to go darker? Or not sure what color to choose? Here are some of the hottest new trends in hair color for this winter and this year. As always, ask your hair stylist for the best colors

Benefits of Using Honey in Your Hair

Benefits of Using Honey in Your Hair

Honey is a healthy, natural ingredient in a lot of recipes, but did you know it is great for your hair too? Honey is an emollient. This means it is a natural softener and great to use as a conditioner to smooth hair, especially if your hair is coarse and/or

How to Manage Medium to Coarse Hair

How to Manage Medium to Coarse Hair

If you have hair on the thicker side, you might not always know how to tame it. Yet, your hair can pull off styles like no one else! So embrace what your momma gave you! You just need to learn how to manage it and style it properly. Here are


How to Treat and Repair Damaged Hair

If you don’t take good care of your hair, it can become damaged very quickly and take time to return to its healthy state. Here are some tips on repairing damaged hair and preventing it in the first place: Determine if your hair is damaged. If your hair is damaged


Warm Weather Hair Care Tips

After what felt like the snowiest winter ever here on the East Coast, I’ve really been looking forward to warmer weather. Not having to throw on at least three layers every time I leave the house is a treat for sure, but what I really appreciate is the fact that

Solutions to Common Hair Problems

Over the course of my life, I’ve had more than my fair share of bad hair days. For me, that usually means flat, limp locks with zero volume, which leaves me stuck with a boring ponytail for the day. Now, your bad hair days may be a little different, depending

How to Straighten Thick Hair Properly

Thick hair can be hard to deal with, especially if your hair is wavy and curly and you desire a straight ‘do. It can require some serious time and patience and since your hair tends to be heavy when it is thick, it can weigh down your style. Even if

How to Make Your Hair Less Greasy

Some people are just born with hair that is oily and tends to get greasier easily. If you’re one of these people, here are some tips on keeping greasy hair at bay: Wash your hair less. This seems silly when you feel like you need to wash your hair daily