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Cool Spring 2017 Braiding Trends

Braids are super hip this year. Join the trend! There are many braids you can choose from, depending on your hair type, texture and length. Here are some of the coolest braids to try this year: The braided bun. Make a bunch of braids in your hair and spin them

How to Get Rid of Dry Hair and Hair Static

Winter is coming quickly. Do you know what that means for your hair? It can become dry, brittle and full of static electricity. Not exactly how you want your hair to look at the many holiday parties you plan to attend. So here are some tips on combating dry hair

DIY Face and Hair Masks

Do you want to refresh and brighten your skin and moisturize and shine your hair for all of your upcoming holiday parties? But you also don’t want to use any harsh ingredients or chemicals? We’ve got you! Here are some DIY face and hair masks that you can make from

Hot Hair Colors for Winter

Are you ready to switch up your hair color for the winter? Want to go darker? Or not sure what color to choose? Here are some of the hottest new trends in hair color for this winter and this year. As always, ask your hair stylist for the best colors


Scary Ingredients in Your Hair Care Products

Today, there is much more emphasis on a healthier and organic lifestyle than just a few years ago. When you want to remove harmful chemicals from your body, you might first think about your household products and foods. However, you also need to look at the labels in your shampoos.

Benefits of Using Honey in Your Hair

Benefits of Using Honey in Your Hair

Honey is a healthy, natural ingredient in a lot of recipes, but did you know it is great for your hair too? Honey is an emollient. This means it is a natural softener and great to use as a conditioner to smooth hair, especially if your hair is coarse and/or

Why You Should Exfoliate Your Scalp

Why You Should Exfoliate Your Scalp

You exfoliate your body and your face, but do you exfoliate your scalp? You may need to! Between dry shampoo, hair spray and other products, your hair can be full of gunk that doesn’t regularly come out with shampoo and conditioner alone. This is especially true if you boast only