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What You Need to Know About Shampooing

We all shampoo our hair in some way to keep it clean. But have you ever had questions on how much shampoo to use or how often to shampoo your hair? Here are your most common questions, answered. How often should you shampoo? There is no right answer to this


The New Sombre Hair Trend

Ombre has been the hottest hair trend for the last few years. But the thick highlights may not look great on everyone or you may not want such a radical change, especially if you work in a professional office. Now sombre (otherwise known as subtle ombre) is here. It is

Secrets to Shiny and Perfect Hair

You may have dyed, straightened, curled, bleached and highlighted your hair into a damaged mess and want to go back to the days when you had “virgin” hair. There is no way to really go back, but there are some steps you can take to make your hair super shiny

Go gray the chic way!

Are you finally ready to see the silver lining of going natural with your grey hair? Not only can grey hairstyles look chic and project mega confidence, but think of all the time and money you’ll save when you don’t have to fuss every month with a dye job and

Hair products: Professional vs. Store Brand

Although differences of opinion exist regarding the quality/efficacy between professional and store brand hair products, most experts agree that these products are not the same thing. The question, therefore, is not whether they differ but by how much; it then becomes a question of how well they work for each

Your guide to hair donation

Do you have gorgeous long locks? Are you looking to help others suffering from a disease that makes their hair fall out? Locks of Love and other similar organizations are great for spreading a little love to those with cancer or other diseases. Once you’ve decided to cut your hair

How to properly clean your hair styling tools

A good hair styling tool can cost a lot of money. Whether it’s a curling iron, blow dryer, or flat iron, you want to make sure you’re protecting your investment by keeping your hair tools clean and in good shape. Most women spend countless hours on their hair every month,

Coordinate your hair color with your undertones

To determine what hair color will look best on you, first you need to determine the correct shade of color of your skin and your undertones. Finding your shade is fairly easy. You can be fair, medium, olive or dark. Determining your skin tone is a little trickier for some

2013 Fall Hair Color Trends

Fall 2013 hair color trends showcase some big, bold colors, keeping in tune with the ruby, yellow, orange, and amber leaves of fall. Whether you’re looking for a new hair style to shake up your look or want to brighten up your current shade just a hint, try these fall