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How to care for your hair extensions

Hair extensions are the ultimate way of changing up your style and you’ll look fabulous ONLY when they look fabulous! Hair extensions require different upkeep from your normal day to day hair care routine. The right care will keep them looking great and expand their life, so you can use

How to find a good hairstylist

From the time I was old enough to need a haircut up until I graduated from high school, I blindly went to the same hair stylist that my mother used. It wasn’t really an issue back then because my haircut of choice was pretty simple – all one length to

Donating hair to cancer patients

It’s not just some frivolous idea that,”when you look good, you feel good.” We’ve all experienced the truth of that at one time or another and as professional hair stylists, we get to see it play out daily. We see some clients transform from feeling dowdy, unhappy, anxious or upset,

What to look for when shopping for hair extensions..

Hair extensions are the most common hair trend amongst celebrities, and women who just want a new look. Not only do they provide endless possibilities but it gives your hair a chance to be untouched while giving you a look you couldn’t or wouldn’t dare apply to your own hair.

Color without commitment: Hair chalking

When I was in junior high, my friends and I liked to rock funky, colored streaks in our hair. We’d use packages of little packages of Kool Aid to get bright red, pink or purple stripes in the sides or back of our hair. But I always had to sneak

At home coloring is okay, I promise

Whether you’ve a few gray hairs that you want to hide, your hair is looking a little dull or you just want a serious makeover, a good dye job can be a miracle worker. For some reason, I’m much more open to trying a new hair color than I am

Did you fall for these hair trends?

rom messy buns to slicked back ponies, I loved everything I saw on the fall runways – and I especially loved how easy the hairstyles were to create. Here’s how to get your tresses up on the trends this fall.