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Five Hair Products We Can’t Do Without

1. De-frizz cream There are countless reasons why summer is my favorite season; piña coladas, the beach, and . . . well, certainly not the humidity. Waking up in a humid climate is the first warning of a bad hair day to come. That’s when we turn to our cabinet

Do layers the RIGHT way for your hair type

We’ve all had it happen. A stylist says they want to “put a few layers” into your style then you end up looking like a sheared sheep. Yikes!! What are you supposed to do besides crawl into a fetal position and cry yourself to sleep? The key is to know

Get Tressed Launch Giveaway Winner

Hello my beautiful Beauties, It’s finally time to announce the winner of our final y|b|a Launch Giveaway prize back.  A few weeks ago, right here on Get Tressed, we gave you the opportunity to win $340 worth of really amazing hair care goods.  We handpicked the contents for the giveaway

I tried it: Student hair styling

When I first heard about free haircuts and styling at New York City’s Bumble and bumble University, I was wary. A student? Touching my hair? My only reference to student stylists was from the Beverly Clearly book “Ramona and Her Mother.” You might remember this book from your own childhood

Get Tressed Launch Giveaway

Get Tressed Launch Giveaway Hi there, Beauties! The celebration of the official y|b|a launch ends with another HUGE two week long giveaway. This time, Get Tressed is giving you the chance to win $340 worth our favorite hair care products. Solia Pink Limited Edition Flat iron with heat proof pouch

Lifting spray or mousse? What’s the difference?

Do you have trouble with volume and/or staying power when styling your hair? Using the right hair product for your hair type can be the answer, seriously! Lifting sprays and mousses are volumizing hair products that are specifically formulated to create a solid base for any hairstyle. These products are