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Change Up Your Makeup Look in the New Year

Change Up Your Makeup Look in the New Year

When a new year approaches, you might think about changing up your look. Changing up your makeup routine is an easy change, but you may not know where to start. There are so many different makeup products and brands to choose from. If you are interested in changing up your

Fun Halloween Makeup Ideas

Fun Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is a great time to experiment with makeup and become someone completely different. No matter what your makeup application skills are, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials out there that can help you become a pro in no time. Whether you are putting makeup on yourself or a child,

Different Type of Waterproof Makeup Products

Different Types of Waterproof Makeup Products

As summer approaches, you might be excited for days spent by the pool, swimming in a lake or ocean or even summer thunderstorms. You might also be getting married to plan to get all teary-eyed at a friend or family member’s wedding this summer. However, all of those things can

Best Simple Makeup Trick to Make You Look Younger

Best Simple Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Younger

If you are looking to look younger and doing all the necessary health and skincare anti-aging routines, you might want to look into your beauty routine as well. There are a few tiny, simple makeup tricks that can make you look younger very quickly. Here are some of the best

The Best Multi-Purpose Makeup Items

The Best Multi-Purpose Makeup Items

Is your makeup bag overflowing? Does it take you way too much time to apply your makeup in the morning? Maybe it is time to declutter and start multitasking with your makeup products. Many makeup products can be used for different purposes to save you time and money. This can

Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty Review

Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty Review

On February 8th, Christie Brinkley officially launched the Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty™ Collection. While traveling to promote and bring awareness to the new collection, Christie participated in an in-person interview with Dana Oliver. Dana, the beauty director for Yahoo Lifestyle and a woman of color, reviewed and used products from

Makeup Tips for Valentine's Day

Makeup Tips for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are going out on a date with your beloved or going out with your girls, Valentine’s Day can be a fun excuse to try out some new makeup looks. Play around with the different looks below and let us know which one you decide on for your next

Best Ways to Use Face Highlighters

Face highlighters are a great way to add a little glow to your life, make you look more awake and give you that sexy sparkle. Yet, many of us don’t know how to use highlighters properly or even where to use them on our face. Here are some of the

Holiday Party Makeup Looks

The holiday season is upon us, and we all know what that means,  here come the holiday parties. This can be a fun time to experiment with different makeup looks for different parties. Think a classic look for your work party, an edgy look for your friend’s holiday get together

How to Apply Lipstick Correctly

Lipstick might just be the perfect way to achieve a beautiful look. One cannot go wrong with lipstick, whether it can be used to subtly extenuate the lips and freshen up the face, is artfully applied with lip liner, or used as a bold, focal point. Have you ever wondered