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The thrifty girl’s guide to makeup “dupes”

Wouldn’t it be nice to afford all of those amazing lipsticks and eyeshadows you have been lusting after? Unfortunately, very few people can afford to buy all the products they desire, but there is a solution to this. Makeup dupes are the closest you can get to that coveted product

Fit-a-licious launch giveaway

Hi beauties! You might have been here before or perhaps this is your first time. Either way, welcome! To announce the official launch of Your Beauty Advisor (yba), we are holding giveaways for the next two months. Every two weeks, one yba site will give away a prize pack featuring

Smell you later – in a good way!

When you spend all that time, energy and money on your signature scent, it’s really a drag when you wish it was just a hint sweeter or stronger. Instead of switching your smell completely, you might just need to change how you wear it.

Fixing the Makeup Looks Guys Hate

I am one of those women who never leaves the house without some makeup on. I would like to say that I wear it purely for myself, but the truth is that it’s mostly to impress other people. As women, there are times when we try to make an impression

How to thread your eyebrows

I don’t think people realize that their eyebrows really define their face, until they get them properly shaped. I’ve plucked, waxed or threaded my eyebrows since I was about 12 years old. I hate admitting this, but I had what most call a “unibrow” (you know–when you have ONE thick

Who needs Cupid anyway?

Love is still in the air, or at the very least LUST is!  Many are still bathing in their post – Valentine’s Day afterglow. Whether you have a significant other or you’re single and ready to mingle, looking fierce is always in.  Pull out your freak-em dress and heels this

How to achieve a perfect brow

Without presentable eyebrows there is really no point in putting on makeup! Your eyebrows really do help frame your face.  So,I really wish someone kept the tweezers away from me during my preteen years.  Let’s just say the 1920’s inspired eyebrow look was not too flattering on me.  And if