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Makeup Tips for Older Women

As you age, things change. Your skincare, hair care and makeup routine should change too. Here are some makeup tips for older women to look fresh and beautiful: Switch to cream-based cosmetics instead of powder-based products. Cream-based products are better for aging and dry skin and powder actually adds texture

Makeup Rules to Ignore

Certain makeup rules may not work for everyone. What works for one person, may not work for another so now is the time to ignore all those so called “rules” you’ve heard about makeup and go your own way! Here are a few in specific that you should ignore and

How to Wear Makeup with Dry Skin

Dry skin can be horrible to deal with. As winter drags on, your skin stays dry and might even flake or peel. How can you apply makeup to such a mess? Here are some tips for applying makeup to even the driest of skin: Use a creamy exfoliating cleanser to

How to Apply Cream Makeup like a Professional

If you’re looking for a dewy and youthful glow, you’ll want to try cream based makeup. From foundations to eye shadows, most products come in a cream version these days. They are great for people with dry skin. Here are some tips on applying cream based makeup products like a

Make the Most of Your Makeup Products

Makeup does have expiration dates, but makeup can be hard to part with, especially if it cost a pretty penny. Some of us actually throw makeup away prematurely or toss it when it is broken and could be easily fixed and used again. Here are some tips on getting every

Amazing Eyelash Hacks

Have you ever gotten frustrated while making your lashes beautiful? There are many different tips and tricks out there to make putting on eye makeup easier and help you look more gorgeous than ever. Here are some of the best: Bend your mascara wand. Gently bend the tip of the

Tips for Natural Makeup Looks

Some girls love makeup and think the more the better. But for most of us, a natural “less is more” look is the most flattering. It seems easy, but it can actually be hard to master. Here are some tips on getting the most beautiful natural look with makeup. Use

Makeup Techniques to Slim You Down

Makeup can actually help you appear slimmer. Sounds crazy right? But it is true. Certain makeup techniques can slim down your face. Here are a few of the best: Choose a better brow shape. Your eyebrows should be thin, but not too thin that they’re unnatural looking or unnoticeable. Arched

A Beginners Guide to Wearing Matte Lipstick

When planning a sexy makeup look, it’s likely that a dramatic, red lip immediately comes to mind. There’s no denying the appeal of glossy lips, but a bold, matte lip can be just as eye-catching. Gone are the days when matte lipsticks were only favored by women looking for a


Tips for Perfect Brows

Great brows set the tone for a beautiful makeup look. Yet, too often we over-tweeze, wax too often or not enough, or simply don’t know what brow look will be best for us. Here are some tips on getting the best brows you can this holiday season to wow everyone