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Awesome Nail Hacks

Most girls love changing their nails as often as they change their clothes. But sometimes, when you do your own nails, you’re making it more complicated than it needs to be! Try some of these amazing nail hacks to get the makeover you’re craving quickly and easily. 1. Dip your


Perfect Makeup Ideas for a First Date

First dates can be a mix of emotions from nerve-wracking to exciting. You’re frazzled trying to figure out what to wear, what to say and of course, how to do your makeup. You want to look like yourself, but the best version. Here are some “do’s” for first date makeup:


How to Decode Makeup Product Labels

Even if you’re a pro at reading food labels, reading beauty product labels can be a whole new ball game. Most of the beauty product ingredients look like a whole new language and you can’t necessarily go by the philosophy of “don’t touch it if you can’t pronounce it” because


Fall 2014 Makeup Trends

September 23, 2014 marks the beginning of Autumn. For most this means pumpkin everything, sweaters and scarves, Halloween preparations and cider. But don’t forget about new makeup trends! With every season comes a new trend to try with the changing weather. Use Fall as a great time to go through

New York City Fashion Week Beauty Trends

Photo Credits: David Phelps   As an Emmy nominated makeup artist, I’m obsessed with beauty and fashion! Recently I was like Alice in Wonderland during New York City Fashion Week. I’m here to share with you some of the makeup trends that walked the runways for the spring and summer


Make Your Mani Last

Have you ever painted your nails only to have them smudge and chip minutes or hours later? All that hard work for nothing! So frustrating, right? There are now gel nail polish options, but if you don’t like the look or don’t like them because they can damage sensitive nails,


The Magic Of Airbrush Makeup

When you think of airbrush makeup, the first thought that may come to mind is that it is only used by professional makeup artists or by celebrities.  But nowadays you can buy airbrush kits and achieve that flawless look on your own.   If you’re used to applying makeup with


Make Your Makeup Last Longer

If you have a full-time job and go out at night or are just simply super busy throughout the day and don’t have time to fix your makeup, what do you do? The gorgeous job you did in the morning with your face rarely lasts a few hours, let alone


The Best Travel-Ready Makeup and Beauty Products

Packing for a vacation can be a tough task, especially if you’re stressing over what makeup and beauty products you should bring along for the trip. If you’re anything like most women, your makeup/beauty bag is probably the heaviest thing in your luggage. Although it’s not practical to bring 5