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How to achieve a perfect brow

Without presentable eyebrows there is really no point in putting on makeup! Your eyebrows really do help frame your face.  So,I really wish someone kept the tweezers away from me during my preteen years.  Let’s just say the 1920’s inspired eyebrow look was not too flattering on me.  And if

Valentine Face of the Day: Drugstore Edition

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted something romantic but also a bit different! Using (mostly) Revlon products, I paired a glossy, silver eye with black liquid liner, hot pink lips and glowing skin. This look is not hard to do and it will add a bit of glamour to your Valentine’s

How to achieve a perfect eyeliner look

I’m often asked how I get my eyeliner so perfect. I’d love to say that I am just naturally talented. I’d tell stories of emerging from the womb with super eyelining abilities and proudly declare that I  have been sent to save the word from cat eye tragedies.  That, however,

A Love Affair Begins: How I Fell in Love With Makeup

Where’s the first place a young girl learns about  makeup? That would be her mother’s vanity cabinet when she’s not looking! When I was 13,I used to observe how my mother would put on her make-up,when she wasn’t around  I would sneak into her cosmetic stash,prance in front of the

Emphasize your gorgeous lips

Create perfect, shiny, luscious lips with the following technique. First, take of your favorite concealer that you use to cover up blemishes, and dab some onto your ring finger. Now, apply that concealer all over your lips just like a lipstick. It should be a color that is close to