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Looking (nail) polished for winter

Just because you’ll be covering up your hands and feet until it’s gorgeous outside doesn’t mean you should leave your nails bare. After all, you might not be walking around in a swimsuit and flip flops, but you’re bound to take those mittens and boots off eventually – and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to appear polished (pun intended) when you do.

Makeup tips for the 9 to 5 grind

Heavy eyeliner, thick mascara and bold red lipstick are awesome if you’re trying to turn heads at a party on a Friday night. How can you translate your nighttime makeup routine into one that’s acceptable for day?

Which lipstick shade is right for me?

From bright red to bubblegum pink, no celeb would hit the red carpet without the perfect color pout – and neither should you! The right lipstick can tie together any outfit and make you look polished and pretty in seconds, whether you’re attending a movie premier or picking up some bread at the grocery store.

Accentuate your lovely cheekbones

Follow these tips to highlight your cheekbones. The technique is called contouring. The natural lines created by the structure of your skull create contours on your face. The makeup technique of contouring is to bring attention to these naturally attractive contours by putting neutral makeup around them, not directly on

How to prevent those chapped winter lips

No woman likes the idea of walking around town with not-so-luscious lips. Unfortunately, a simple case of chapped lips can quickly turn into a cracked and bleeding pout. To keep your pucker smooth and healthy during those harsh winter months, try and follow a few or all of these simple tips.

Trend alert – bright, unforgettable lips!

The results are in – head-turning lipstick is back and better than ever. Of course, this beauty trend demands your lips to go big and bold or go home. Color is the name of the game and this season any bright hue will do as long as you feel confident rocking the shade.