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Skin We’re In launch giveaway

Hi there, Beauties!  We’re at it again. The celebration of the official y|b|a launch continues with yet another HUGE two week long giveaway. This time, Skin We’re In is giving you the chance to pamper yourself with our favorite products. The Skin We’re In prize pack includes: The Body Shop Tea

Getting your fix of vitamin E

There’s a body of pretty substantial evidence that backs up all of the amazing skin benefits of vitamin E. If you’re not getting enough of this nutrient, you’ll have no excuse after reading these tips.

Fit-a-licious launch giveaway

Hi beauties! You might have been here before or perhaps this is your first time. Either way, welcome! To announce the official launch of Your Beauty Advisor (yba), we are holding giveaways for the next two months. Every two weeks, one yba site will give away a prize pack featuring

Self-tanner to the rescue

There was a time when sitting in the sun slathered in baby oil was “the” thing to do if you wanted to get a little color. Many gladly dealt with pain & discomfort and blistering  that came afterward.  They’d gladly declare  “I got a tan”   to anyone that would listen.  

Your skin’s best shave yet

Getting a smooth shave can be tricky for some women, but that doesn’t mean everyone isn’t entitled to the softest, loveliest legs possible. With these tips, you’ll be sporting gorgeous gams in no time.

Say goodbye to gross winter feet

Now that the, admittedly mild, winter is coming to an official close and we are being bombarded with visions of gorgeous Spring nail polishes, it’s time to bid adieu to worn, winter dry feet. Whether you religiously maintain your pedicure all winter or you have a foot free-for-all during the