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So just what is cellulite, exactly?

You’ve got it, I’ve got it, just about all of us have it someplace or another – cellulite. Those wrinkly, uneven patches of skin are the bane of anyone who’s ever been bikini shopping. But, what exactly is cellulite?

About those stretch marks…

If you experienced a growth spurt at some point in your life, lost a lot of weight or gave birth to a child, you might find you have some stretch marks. What exactly are they and more importantly, how can you get rid of them?

Say bye-bye to the tanning bed

It may be wintertime now, but many of us aren’t exactly willing to part with our summer skin. After all, who wants to look dull when you could have a healthy-looking glow year-round? Trouble is, that glow isn’t exactly healthy if you’re getting it from a tanning bed.

Apply and reapply sunscreen properly

Monday mornings seem to be the busiest time for dermatologists during the summer months. Frustrated, sunburned patients have spent their weekends at beaches, pools, and themes parks and have come home sunburned. These patients usually complain that their sunscreen did not work. They used an SPF 15 or 30 all over and still got burned. But, was the sunscreen applied correctly?

Reversing sun damage- Fact or Myth?

After worshiping the sun for years, people wake up one day to find age spots and thickened skin texture, as well as a variety of inexplicable skin conditions. The tan probably wasn’t worth it, they think in retrospect, I assume. Anyhow, the million-dollar question then becomes, “How do I reverse