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Pick the right mascara for your lifestyle

Long gone are the days when you walked into your local drugstore and bought a mascara that you couldn’t live without. Today, beauty companies have zeroed in on how to market even more products to us to make our mascara decision-making even more difficult.   Everywhere you look be it

Lash Out

In a society where shrinking waist sizes and widening thigh gaps seem to be the trend, a certain aspect of the female body seems to be getting bigger and bigger: eyelashes. Long, thick and dramatic lashes are very in fashion at the moment. Since most of us do not have

I Tried It: Latisse

Eyelashes are one of my favorite things to flaunt. I’d sell my voice to Ursula or eat a poisoned apple to have the eyes of a Disney Princess. I was super pumped when I heard Latisse hit the market and went directly to my nearest “medical spa” (Is it a

How to achieve a perfect eyeliner look

I’m often asked how I get my eyeliner so perfect. I’d love to say that I am just naturally talented. I’d tell stories of emerging from the womb with super eyelining abilities and proudly declare that I  have been sent to save the word from cat eye tragedies.  That, however,

Let go of your (under-eye) baggage

While most people assume that under-eye bags are the result of a poor night’s sleep, the truth is that you can suffer from them even when you’re well-rested. No matter why your eyes are looking tired, a little cover-up is all you need to bring back a youthful, energized look.

How to use glitter: A guide for grown-ups

Confession time! I am a grown woman and I am still a glitter wearing fool. Just because I’m all grown up doesn’t mean I have to abandon glitter altogether, no matter what my mother says. Let me introduce you to glitter’s more sophisticated cousin: shimmer. Wearing shimmer isn’t tough, but there is a trick to it – don’t overdo it.

Learn to apply false lashes

False lashes are a great way to enhance your eyes. There are several different choices, including just a few individual lashes, super thick and long lashes, or more subtle, full lashes. The lashes you can find at any drugstore are completely fine–there is no real reason to look for more

Banish Under-Eye Circles

Under-eye circles, whatever their cause, can add unnecessary years to your face and take away from your overall appearance. Regular skin care products or even makeup rarely help and can even aggravate the problem further. This is because the under-eye skin area is very delicate and requires specialized treatment. Some