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Eyebrow envy – how to make yours just right

Like our well-documented hair envy, many of us have eyebrow envy too! You might think your eyebrows are either too thick or too thin, too light or too dark, too arched or too flat, and never quite just right. But no matter what nature gave you, you should know it’s not too hard to get the brows of your dreams.

How to apply liquid eyeliner

We’ll just come right out and say what many women are thinking – applying liquid eyeliner is hard! Even those of us with the steadiest of hands may shake and leave a dark trail of jet black liner across a cheek or an eyebrow, or make a line that’s far too thick or thin.

Go big, bold and colorful!

When it comes to eye makeup, don’t shy away from brilliant hues – go bold and beautiful with bursts of color. Doing so can immediately draw attention to your peepers and create a look worthy of any runway.