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Treatment for tear trough disformity

Do your tears of joy run sideways instead of directly down your cheeks? Hollowness and indentation in the under eye area known as the tear trough is a condition that can become noticeable as early as your 20s. It gradually worsens with age, causing bags and a look of constant

8 ways to look fresh-faced and keep your cool

It’s entirely too hot to be slathered in your expensive foundations and bronzers and primers and blush and eyeshadow and etc etc etc.  I will not be hanging out in DiorShow Masacra or Chanel Foundation.  No one wants to leave the house only to have their face melting onto their

Are you willing to perm your eyelashes?

We’re always trying to achieve those long, full lashes that we see in magazines. We buy tube after tube of mascara promising  they’ll make us look like Kardashians, use lash enhancing serums, and even apply false lashes to try and get those dazzling, dramatic perfect eyelashes. Up next on the

Summer skincare tips from the derm doctor

We all know certain skincare tips for the summer: wear sunscreen, try to avoid the sun in the middle of the day when the sun’s rays are the hottest and wear cotton clothing to avoid irritation from a sweaty body. But there are more tips from dermatologists everywhere that can

Are eyebrow transplants for you?

As the frame to your face, your eyebrows bring balance and symmetry to your features. But years of tweezing and waxing along with a natural decrease in hair growth as you age can cause sparseness or bald spots in your eyebrows over time. In some cases, conditions like alopecia areata,

Ask the Doctor: Can I use Botox on my neck?

In our 30s and 40s, the effects of sun damage and gravity eventually begin to take toll on our complexions in the form of age spots and a loss of supple elasticity. Our necks are no exception. What are neck cords? According to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Miranda, who

My absolute favorite drugstore mascaras

On my list of makeup obsessions lip gloss comes first, but is followed closely by mascara. On a day to day basis, I don’t wear a ton of eye makeup. My usual eye routine is just liner and mascara, but I absolutely must have a mascara that creates a dramatic