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What You Need to Know About Blackheads

Everyone hates blackheads. They are hard to remove, annoying to look at and just plain gross. There are a few facts about blackheads you need to know if you get them often. Here are some little known facts about blackheads and some of the right ways to remove them. Blackheads

Skin Care Before a Big Event

There’s a big event in your future. Depending on your age, it could be prom or another school dance, a wedding (yours or someone else’s), a big work event or dinner, or even running into your ex. You just want to look the best you can look! So that means

Beauty Habits to Break This Year

Now that the New Year is fully upon us, now is the time to start breaking bad habits. You might be all in with a new diet or exercise plan, but what about your beauty routine? Do you have any lurking bad beauty habits you need to part with this

Brighten Your Skin This Winter

Your skin can become very dry and dull in the winter from extra holiday stress, lack of sleep and freezing temperatures. Here are some tips to use when you need to brighten your skin and revive it this winter. 1. Sleep! At least 6 to 8 hours a night. Your


Your Skin Can Reveal Health Issues: Here’s How

Our skin can often reveal to us what is going on inside our bodies. For example, acne might not just reveal imbalances in your skin, but imbalances inside your body or potentially risky health issues. There are some common imbalances in the body and the skin issues that can reveal

Things a Dermatologist Would Never Do

Dermatologists are the first people you go to when you want answers for something skin related. So what are the tips they follow to have good skin health and what are the things they would never, ever do? Here is a list of things a dermatologist would never do: Skip


What You Might Not Know About Dry Skin

When the weather starts getting chillier, some of us start getting the dreaded dry skin. Flakes, peeling, scales, itching… the works. If you’re prone to dry skin or only occasionally get it, there are still some things you might not know about dry skin. Here are some facts about dry

Steps to Achieve Camera Ready Skin

I think most of us know that celebrities don’t wake up looking the way we see them on camera. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline, but maybe it’s a team of professionals from plastic surgeons, estheticians, wellness coaches, and makeup artists. I was recently asked to shoot 30


Essential Oils For Stopping Wrinkles

Essential oils are great for many things, including your skin care routine and anti-aging treatments. If you find yourself with aging skin and wrinkles and want a more natural treatment with no chemicals, there are some great essential oils you can try. Natural essential oils are great for your skin