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Skin Care
  • Laser_Hair_Removal
    What to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

    When summer comes around, it becomes increasingly more important to think about removing unwanted hair. This quest might lead you to consider laser hair removal so you can be done with shaving, waxing and other annoying ways to remove hair. It is a great option for permanent hair removal, but

  • Ways_to_get_Clear_Skin
    Simple Ways to Get Clear Skin

    Even if you have close to perfect skin, breakouts can crop up from time to time. You may not know what is causing them. Here are some things to consider keeping glowing, healthy and beautiful skin, whether you have had acne or other skin problems for years or just the occasional

Hair Care
  • Sad woman
    8 Ways You Ruin Your Hair

    We all have different hair types and different hair care routines. Yet, there are ways we all damage our hair without even thinking twice about it. Are you aware of the ways you might be ruining your hair and damaging it for good? Here are a few examples and what

  • Determine_Hair_Type
    Hair Care
    How to Determine Your Hair Type

    If you determine your hair type, you will be able to understand your hair better and figure out what products to use to give yourself the best hairstyle possible. Here are some tips and tricks to figure out your hair type: Find the diameter of your hair. The diameter of

Make Up
  • Concealer_Mistakes_To_Avoid
    Make Up
    Concealer Mistakes to Avoid Today

    Concealer can be confusing. There are so many different types, ways to apply it and even perhaps different things on your face to conceal. From acne to dark circles to random spots on your skin, concealer is often the best product we have in our makeup tool kits. Here are

  • Summer_Makeup
    How To’s
    Stop Your Makeup from Melting in the Summer Heat

    While it may not be summer quite yet, the temperatures are rising. Depending on where you live, sweltering heat and humidity are coming. While this is great for lazy days spent at the pool, how about when you want to look your best and want your makeup to stay put

  • Get-Rid-of-a-Cold-Sore-Fast
    Bad Habits That Aren’t Actually That Bad

    We all have our so-called “bad habits”. Some of them could be serious, like smoking. But some of them that you thought were bad might turn out to be kinda good for you. Here is a list of bad habits and why they are actually good for you. However, if

  • Foods_that_Fight_UV_Damage
    Foods that Fight UV Damage

    Summer is approaching and you’re likely to spend more time in the sun. Even if you’re great about putting on sunscreen, sometimes getting a little exposure from the sun still happens. Eating the right foods can help fight any UV damage you might have gotten in the past and can

  • Intuitive_Style_of_Healthy_Eating
    How to Have an Intuitive Style of Healthy Eating

    It can be really hard to eat healthy these days. You probably know which foods are healthiest, which foods give you the nutrients you need or when to eat certain foods. Yet, that doesn’t always mean you eat them! Or you could be a little too obsessive with being healthy

  • Healthy_Gut
    Fix Your Gut for Better Brain Health

    You’ve probably read by now that the bacteria in your gut can affect your body in a lot of ways, including how well your brain functions. If you’re looking for a way to prevent diseases and keep your body and mind extremely healthy, start in your gut and nurture your

  • Best-Pumpkin-Cake-Recipe-EVER!
    Best Pumpkin Cake Recipe EVER!

    Thanksgiving is a holiday that I allow myself to splurge, and stuff my face until I  can no longer move.   I came across this recipe a few years back and it is a rendition of Paula Dean’s Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake.  I promise you that this recipe will not disappoint!!!

  • Use-Sea-Salt-for-Gorgeous-Skin
    Use Sea Salt for Gorgeous Skin

    You might think salt is too drying for your skin, but sea salt is actually great for your body and it can balance, protect and restore the skin if used properly. Sea salt contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. Sea salt can actually improve hydration and balance

  • 2014-09-23 10.15.23
    5-Minute Edamame

    My boyfriend is always complaining about how hungry he is while I am cooking dinner. If his whining gets to be too much, I’ll grab a bag out of the freezer and whip this up as an appetizer. Ingredients: 1 bag of frozen edamame (with shells) Pinch of sea salt

  • 2014-09-23 10.06.31
    Main Dishes
    Left Over Chicken Lunch

    Whenever I have left over chicken and am looking to create a healthy lunch, I throw this together. You can mix in your favorite veggies, or use the ones I suggested below. Ingredients Left over chicken (shredded or cubed) Quinoa 1 avocado –cut into cubes 1  tomato- cut into cubes