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Skin Care
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    When to Call a Dermatologist

    Have you ever been to a dermatologist? A dermatologist helps you with any skin issues you might have, from irregular moles and skin cancer checks, to help with acne problems. Here are some ways to know if you should call a dermatologist ASAP: You’ve tanned or been sunburned in the

  • Diet
    What to Avoid If You Want Glowing and Healthy Skin

    Have you ever eaten something and broken out in acne the next day? This is because your diet is directly linked to your largest organ in your body: your skin. A poor diet can cause inflammation which can cause acne and even wrinkles and other types of aging. If you

Hair Care
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    How Much Hair Product Do You Really Need?

    Do you love using different hair products to achieve different hair styles? The only problem with hair products is sometimes it can be difficult to determine how much or how little you should use. You want to use enough for it to work with your specific hair length and type,

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    Things to Do and Things to Avoid If You Have Dry Hair

    If you struggle with dry hair, you are not alone. Dry hair can be caused by diet, the water quality in your shower, weather and genetics. Dry hair can lead to damaged and brittle hair if you don’t take care of it well. So if you know you have dry

Make Up
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    Add Baking Soda to Your Beauty Routine

    You probably keep baking soda on hand for, well, baking. You might also have one in your refrigerator to keep nasty odors away or use it to clean your house (baking soda and vinegar is amazing at getting rid of stains on appliances!). But have you ever added baking soda

  • Diet
    Should You eliminate Sugar + How to Deal with Common Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

    It’s no surprise that each day we are learning more and more about the harmful and positive effects certain foods have on our bodies. One ingredient that is certainly hard on your body and hard to eliminate, is sugar. Maybe you understand a little bit and have given up your

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