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Human growth factors aide in stimulating the growth of collagen

Collagen is a protein based component of the connective tissue which lies underneath your skin. As we grow older the collagen begins to degrade which shows up as sagging skin and wrinkles. Studies have shown promising results through the use of topical cosmetics that contain HGF or human growth factor. It is important to understand that Human growth factor (HGF) is not the same thing as human growth hormone (HGH). HGH has a notoriously bad reputation as something used by bodybuilders and other athletes to promote muscle growth for better performance. HGH as the name implies is a hormone and though it does promote growth in the body it is very different from HGF. HGFs are small proteins that play an important role in the growth of all of our cells. They work by signaling molecules used during cellular reproduction to communicate with other cells. HGFs come in over 20 different known varieties in our bodies. Scientists in Seoul South Korea reported in 2009 that the use of HGFs on burn wounds helped increase the healing rate of patients. They applied the HGF directly to the wounds of the patients for three weeks. Weekly measurements of the wounds were taken