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03-23-12 close up of woman applying makeup

Worst makeup lines for women of color

I really love make-up and I love trying new brands and products. Every time I hear that a product is a “must-have” or a “cult favorite” or especially the ubiquitous “looks great on everyone,” I’m there. But sometimes I realize, no, it doesn’t look good on everyone, and if it’s a cult favorite, then that cult does not include women of color. Here are some of the make-up lines I’ve had bad experiences with as a woman of color.   YSL. YSL’s Touche Eclat Radiant Touch is one of the cult favorites that I’m so sick of hearing about. I wanted this product for years, but every time I went to buy it, it came in exactly one shade. Then they got crazy and expanded to two. Looking at the Sephora website now, it appears that they have more shades, including “luminous mocha” and “luminous praline” but honestly? I’m not interested anymore. I would have gladly handed over $40 for this stuff five years ago, but now that they are finally accepting my kind, I’m kind of over wanting to give them my business.   Benefit. Benefit is one of those brands magazine editors seem to love; they are always